Round 1-2 FD, St. Louis

First time driving in Formula Drift Pro and Pro2 was an awesome experience for both of us. Yves and Josh just didn't have enough "luck" at the end to get through. Josh drove the Top32 battle against Austin Matta, unfortunately Austin won the battle. Yves first battle in Round1, Top32 was against Chelsea DeNofa, what a big name to battle. Chelsea went through to the Top16.

Because of the Corona situation FD decided to put all 8 events on to 4 weekends. So there also was the Round2 in St. Louis. Yves battled against Aurimas Bakchis, what a battle but Yves lead run ended up in the tires, out in Top32.

We are definitely looking forward for Pro2, Round2 and Pro Round3-4 which is from September 25th - 27th in Monroe.


Season 2020

Season Movie 2019

Our season movie from last year is now available on our Youtube Channel. After an awesome premiere in February we're happy to share the Movie with all of you. 

If you like what we do subscribe our Youtube-Channel, we promise our Formula Drift USA adventure will be epic.

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