First year driving FD

As the year is coming to an end we would like to thank everybody who supported us during this crazy year. Especially all of our sponsors who believed in us.

Also a huge thanks to Matt Field and the whole Driftcave team. We felt like being a part of the whole from day one. The race support was amazing. 

The Formula Drift Season 2020 was definitely an amazing season with a lot of ups and downs, for sure we learned a lot about us and our cars. 

We are happy to tell you guys we will be on the start line for FD season 2021. 

Season 2020

Season Movie 2019

Our season movie from last year is now available on our Youtube Channel. After an awesome premiere in February we're happy to share the Movie with all of you. 

If you like what we do subscribe our Youtube-Channel, we promise our Formula Drift USA adventure will be epic.

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